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Ballets by Andrew Rist
Costumes by Cheryl Rist

At The Museum
Ballet School
Beethoven's 9th Symphony
Black Dog Cafe
Empress New Clothes
Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue
Italian Symphony
Mozart's 40th Symphony
Pachelbel's Canon In D
Sorcerer's Apprentice
The Egg
and others...

Classical Ballets
Restaged & Costumed by
Cheryl Rist

Don Quixote (acts 1-2)
Giselle (acts 1-2)
La Bayadere (acts 1-3)
Les Sylphides
Pas de Quatre
Sleeping Beauty
Swan Lake (acts 1-4)
Nutcracker (costumes)

Andrew & Cheryl Rist

Andrew & Cheryl Rist

      Artistic Director: BALLET MINNESOTA

Andrew's interests have always been in the areas of teaching, directing & choreography. After dancing professionally for 14 years, Loyce Houltonencouraged Andrew to become Avocational Director of the Minnesota Dance Theater school (1986-87). In 1987 Andrew and his wife Cheryl co-founded the Classical Ballet Academy of Minnesota and in 1990 they co-founded Ballet Minnesota, of which Andrew became artistic director. Under his direction, Ballet Minnesota has developed a strong season which includes Fall Concert, annual Nutcracker, The Youth Concert Series, The Minnesota Dance Festival (which features the restaging of a classical ballet each year) and the River Songs Summer Series. As a choreographer, Anderw prefers working with original scores. He has created works in collaboration with Robert E Hindel, Charlie Maguire (National Park Service "Singing Ranger") and the rock group Mock Duck. His choreographic works include "Pachelbel", "At the Museum", "Nutcracker", "Italian Symphony" and in 2006 "Black Dog Cafe". "Beethoven's 9th Symphony", choreographed in 2008, recieved standing ovations to a sold out opening run. Andrew teaches in the school. He has been nominated and included in three editions of 'Who's Who Among American Teachers.' Only 5% of the nation's teachers are honored in each edition and less than 2% are included in more than one edition.

Cheryl Rist, Andrew's wife, has designed all the costumes for every work he has choreographed. "Most of my works are deeply dependent upon the costume design, which will be quite obvious when you scroll down and veiw the photo gallery below"

In the Fall 2006, Ballet Minnesota launched its Fall Concert Series dedicated to the creation of new choreography. Andrew has created 4 new works for the fall Concert. 'Black Dog Cafe' (2006, 2007), 'Beethoven's 9th Symphony' (2008) and most recently Gershwin's 'Rhaposdy in Blue' and Mozart's '40th Symphony' (2009).

In January 2010, Andrew's first book was published "At The Museum: Adventures of the Ballerina Girls"


Cheryl, a graduate of the Cornish School of Arts in Seattle, was the recipient of (7) Arts Scholarships. Her teachers include Robert Joffrey, Loyce Houlton, Hanya Holm, Flemming Halby and Frank Bourman. She began dancing with Sacramento Ballet under the direction of Jean-Paul Comelin (formerly Paris Opera Ballet). She danced as a principal with the Banff Festival, the Minnesota Dance Theater (under the direction of Loyce Houlton) and Ballet Minnesota. n 1987 Cheryl and her husband Andrew co-founded the Classical Ballet Academy of Minnesota and in 1990 they co-founded Ballet Minnesota. Cheryl has a special gift understanding the art of Classical Ballet. She has restaged many of the classic ballets for Ballet Minnesota which include "Swan Lake", "Giselle", "Sleeping Beauty", "Les Sylphides", "Flower Festival pas de deux", "Coppelia" and "La Bayadere". Cheryl is known for restaging the complete ballets such as 4 acts of Swan Lake. In addition to all of this she designs and costumes all the works presented by Ballet MInnesota. Although she is a sought after designer, she concentrates her engeries on CBA and Ballet Minnesota.

Classical Ballet Academy of Minnesota, official school of BALLET MINNESOTA, co-founded by Andrew and Cheryl Rist in 1987.

Ludwig van Beethoven's  9th SYMPHONY

Beethoven's 9th bow

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George Gershwin's  RHAPSODY IN BLUE

Rhapsody In Blue

Choreographer:  Andrew Rist

Composer:  George Gershwin

Costumes:  Cheryl Rist

Sets:  Jim Arnold

Lighting:  Tom Campbell

Photography:  Dave Trayers

BMN Company 2009
      Julia Heggerness
      Erin Warn
      Jennifer Bennett
      Kari Jensen
      Jordan Nelson
      Sean Laughead

CBA & Guests 2009
      Anna Betz
      Margaret Ulland
      Maren Gray
      Olivia Brunzell-Garrett
      Antone Gregory (guest)
      Jim Arnold (guest)

Ballet Minnesota Premiere:
      Rhapsody In Blue
         4th Annual Fall Concert
         November 6, 2009
         Fitzgerald Theater,
         St Paul, Minnesota

Musical Premiere:
     February 12, 1924,
     Aeolian Hall, New York


Black Dog Cafe

Choreographer:   Andrew Rist
Composer:  Many composers
Costumes:  Cheryl Rist
Sets:  Jim Arnold, Cythia Betz
Lighting:  Mike Wangenl
Photography:  Dave Trayers

BMN Company 2007
     Erin Warn, Julia Heggerness, David Schmidt, Allen Gregory, Garvin Jellison

Guests dancers 2007
     Ted Sothern, Maryann Johnson, Jim Arnold, Antone Gregory, Elizabeth Hobbs

CBA dancers 2007
     Megan Simon, Rachelle Horowitz, Karmyn Grant, Marisha Johnson, Rebecca Pelletier,Maren Gray, Sarah Pelletier, Margaret Ulland, Julia Valen, Jacqueline LIs, Anna Betz, Maren Gray, Olivia Brunzell-Garrett

Guests artists 2007
     Charlie Maguire (songwrtier), Desdamona (singer), Carnage (rap artist), Frank Brown (sculptor), Ta-Coumba Aiken (painter), James Penfield (painter), Ill Chemistry

Ballet Minnesota Premiere:
      1st Annual Fall Concert, October 13, 2006, St Paul Student Center, St Paul, Minnesota

Last Performed:
      October 19-20, 2007, St Paul MN, Fitzgerald Theater


"Choreographer Andrew Rist's classic interpretation focuses on telling the story through the dynamic flow of the dancing. Notable for
its stunning design and energetic performances, this 'Nutcracker' makes the children a vital part of the story.     - PIoneer Press -